Melting the Siberian ice

To find the way to a mysterious Russian soul we offer you 7 compliments in Russian.

What can be better at melting Siberian ice than a compliment said in their native language.

  1. 1) Oчень красиво! – Very beautiful! [Ochin kra’seevah]

Use this phrase to say that something is beautiful- someone’s outfit, house or datcha.


2) Очень стильно! – Very stylish/trendy! [Ochin’ steel’nah!/]

Say it to complement the great style of the above.


3) Вы прекрaсны! – You are beautiful/ amazing! [Vee pree’krahsny!]

This phrase has a romantic flair about it. Great compliment for a date or to show that you like someone.


4) Я очень люблю Россию! – I love Russia very much! [ Ja ochin liub’liu Rah’seeyu]

This proclamation of love will make a Russian very flattered. Even the effort made to learn the phrase will be highly appreciated. And who knows, not long and you might be invited to a

Russian Zastol’e Застолье banquet. 6441778

In which case you might want to know how to say:

5) У вас очень уютно. – Your place is very cosy. [ Ok vahs ‘ochin oo’yootnah]

Having tried multiple Russian dishes, you could say:

6) Все очень вкусно! – Everything is delicious [Fsyo ochin ‘fkusnah]

7) Я люблю русскую кухню.- I love Russian cuisine. [Ya ‘liubliu ‘ruskuyu ‘kukhniu]

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