Russian words and phrases at Christmas and New Year

 A few Russian words and and a bit of cultural insight to help you make the most of talking to your Russian friends and neighbours over Christmas and New Year time

The most anticipated and loved holiday in Russia is

НОВЫЙ ГОД [novi god] -New Years Eve.

To wish somebody a happy New Year, say

С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ! [s novym godam!] Happy new year!


As the Cremlin Clock strikes 12-no joke, every household will have a live broadcast from the Red Square- you’ll hear Russians shouting

С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ! С НОВЫМ СЧАСТЬЕМ! [s novym godam! S novym shchastyem!] Happy new year! Happy new happiness!


As the Soviet legacy is slowly becoming a thing of the past, Russians are warming more and more towards

РОЖДЕСТВО [razhdiestvoh] Christmas,

which Russian Orthodox Church celebrates on the 7th of January!

ВЕСЁЛОГО РОЖДЕСТВА! [vyesyolava razhduestva!] Merry Christmas!


The Russians are not too bothered about Christmas gifts, but we wouldn’t advise you to pay urn up at a New Year’s Eve party if you don’t have

НОВОГОДНИЙ ПОДАРОК [navagodniy pahdahrahk] New Years present.


Did you know that Russian Santa Claus is actually called Father Frost? That’s

ДЕД МОРОЗ [dyed mahros] in Russian.


And, he is not accompanied by the Reindeer. He has a granddaughter called

СНЕГУРОЧКА [snyegoorachka] Snowgirl

to help him.


Just like we do over here, Russians looove some snow over the Christmas holidays.

СНЕГ [snyeg] snow❄️❄️❄️


And of course, they never forget about Christmas tree, which is

ЁЛКА [yolkah].


НОВОГОДНИЕ РАСПРОДАЖИ [navagodneeyeh raspradahzhi]

are now part and parcel of Christmas festivities. They usually start after NYE and are hence called New Year sales.


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Melting the Siberian ice

To find the way to a mysterious Russian soul we offer you 7 compliments in Russian.

What can be better at melting Siberian ice than a compliment said in their native language.

  1. 1) Oчень красиво! – Very beautiful! [Ochin kra’seevah]

Use this phrase to say that something is beautiful- someone’s outfit, house or datcha.


2) Очень стильно! – Very stylish/trendy! [Ochin’ steel’nah!/]

Say it to complement the great style of the above.


3) Вы прекрaсны! – You are beautiful/ amazing! [Vee pree’krahsny!]

This phrase has a romantic flair about it. Great compliment for a date or to show that you like someone.


4) Я очень люблю Россию! – I love Russia very much! [ Ja ochin liub’liu Rah’seeyu]

This proclamation of love will make a Russian very flattered. Even the effort made to learn the phrase will be highly appreciated. And who knows, not long and you might be invited to a

Russian Zastol’e Застолье banquet. 6441778

In which case you might want to know how to say:

5) У вас очень уютно. – Your place is very cosy. [ Ok vahs ‘ochin oo’yootnah]

Having tried multiple Russian dishes, you could say:

6) Все очень вкусно! – Everything is delicious [Fsyo ochin ‘fkusnah]

7) Я люблю русскую кухню.- I love Russian cuisine. [Ya ‘liubliu ‘ruskuyu ‘kukhniu]

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