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Going to World Cup in Russia Without Russian? Read This

I remember my friend observing during the Olympics in Russia:

“God help the Olympics visitor who doesn’t speak Russian. Airports = real chaos. Worst I’ve seen in five years living here.”

Communication in Russia can be very challenging if you don’t have any Russian. If you are going to work in a big international company there, it is likely that some of your colleagues will speak good English. But if you are going as a tourist, don’t expect people on the streets to speak much russian. Bus and taxi drivers, waiters, bank tellers – in other words, the people you tend to ask for help and information – don’t usually speak fluent English.

So we decided to launch a Street Smart Russian course specifically aimed at football fans travelling to Russia this summer.

We offer a program that will give you survival – or instrumental — Russian. In this program you will learn:

  • Greetings and Farewells.
  • Introducing Yourself
  • Expressions of Courtesy
  • Numbers
  • Russian Currency
  • Asking for Directions
  • Getting Around
  • Basic Health Concerns
  • Russian Menu Customized to Your Palate
  • Russian Food You Should Try
  • Useful Phrases for various situations.
  • + Customize your package to your attend to your needs

The program is customizable to attend to your goals. Already know basic Russian? Use your class time to practice through mock conversations, add vocabulary, get cultural tips, and improve your speaking and listening. This will allow you to better understand people in Russia and vice-versa.

We offer this program through one-on-one lessons via Skype. We also offer it to groups of 2 or 3 learners via Google Hangouts, offering you the convenience and flexibility your busy schedule requires.

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Melting the Siberian ice

To find the way to a mysterious Russian soul we offer you 7 compliments in Russian.

What can be better at melting Siberian ice than a compliment said in their native language.

  1. 1) Oчень красиво! – Very beautiful! [Ochin kra’seevah]

Use this phrase to say that something is beautiful- someone’s outfit, house or datcha.


2) Очень стильно! – Very stylish/trendy! [Ochin’ steel’nah!/]

Say it to complement the great style of the above.


3) Вы прекрaсны! – You are beautiful/ amazing! [Vee pree’krahsny!]

This phrase has a romantic flair about it. Great compliment for a date or to show that you like someone.


4) Я очень люблю Россию! – I love Russia very much! [ Ja ochin liub’liu Rah’seeyu]

This proclamation of love will make a Russian very flattered. Even the effort made to learn the phrase will be highly appreciated. And who knows, not long and you might be invited to a

Russian Zastol’e Застолье banquet. 6441778

In which case you might want to know how to say:

5) У вас очень уютно. – Your place is very cosy. [ Ok vahs ‘ochin oo’yootnah]

Having tried multiple Russian dishes, you could say:

6) Все очень вкусно! – Everything is delicious [Fsyo ochin ‘fkusnah]

7) Я люблю русскую кухню.- I love Russian cuisine. [Ya ‘liubliu ‘ruskuyu ‘kukhniu]

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